Amazon Teacher Wishlist: 22 Things You Need in 2022

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As an exhausted teacher myself, I can’t say anything peppy about 2022. However, I always look at the holiday break as a chance to start fresh in my classroom. In this spirit, here are my top picks from my Amazon teacher wishlist for this coming semester!

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I’m so excited to write this list for you after the huge amount of love you gave back in June for Teacher Deals during Amazon Prime Day post! Many of you told me that you needed some guidance as far as ideas for fun and useful classroom supplies from Amazon. Look no further!

What is an Amazon Teacher Wish List?

If you’ve never created or used an Amazon wish list before, you’re going to love this! An Amazon teacher wishlist is a list of items that you create from items for sale on Amazon. When you create an Amazon list, it generates a link you can send to others so they can view the items you want and need.

Each year, I create a new list called “Mrs. Hess’s Kindergarten Wish List (insert year here).” Throughout the school year, I add items we need in our classroom. About once per quarter, starting with Back to School night before school begins, I send the link to my students’ families and ask that if they are able to contribute, the link will show them the items we need for our classroom.

How do I add items to my wish list?

The first step is to create an Amazon list just for your classroom. When you create a dedicated list, you can send the link to parents, families, school donors and others who may buy the items you need for your classroom. There are often hashtags on social media, such as #clearthelists, where anonymous donors fulfill teachers’ classroom lists by purchasing their items!

When you’re inside your Amazon account, you can click the button that says “Accounts and Lists” and choose the “Add a new list” option. Give it a name that indicates it’s for your classroom, such as my example above (Mrs. Hess’s 2021 Kindergarten Wish List).

Next, you will search for the items that you want for your classroom so you can add them to the list. On any Amazon item, there is a button that says “Add to list.” When you click this button, you can choose your classroom’s wish list and add the item to it.

So let’s get to it: here are the must-haves you need to put on your list!

The 22 Things You Need on Your Amazon Teacher Wishlist

Items 1-2: Laminator and Laminating Pouches! Every classroom needs to be able to laminate things! In primary grades, it’s reusable materials for centers, student projects, reference charts and more. I’d be wasting so much paper, time and money if I wasn’t laminating reusable items.

Item 3: Primary Lines Stamp! This is my FAVORITE tool ever because I can add writing lines to anything my students are doing. Whether it’s a worksheet with no space to write a name or adding writing lines to a drawing, this is so handy.

4: Number line stamp! Maybe you don’t teach writing, or teach a grade level that doesn’t use primary lines. But every teacher uses number lines! Add a number line to anything with this amazing stamp.

5: Paper cutter. Having my own paper cutter saves literal hours each school year. Instead of waiting for a turn on the one dull school paper cutter or cutting every page with scissors, this makes preparing materials a snap!

6: Astrobrights paper. I use colored paper to add interest and variety to activities ALL the time. Colors that match holiday themes, or sometimes just for fun, make me happy. I also color-code our sight word activities so students can easily find materials for whichever sight word list they are currently working on. Available in tons of bright, fun colors! You can buy multi-packs or 625-sheet packs of single colors.

7. Hook and Loop Fastener Coins. These little dots save so much time and help me put things anywhere! I use them for everything without worrying they’ll fall down.

8 and 9. GoWrite Adhesive Dry Erase Sheets and Clipboards are my go-to way of making dry erase boards in my classroom! I stick a sheet on the back of the clipboard, and then students can use that side or clip a paper to the front. They also fit right in seat sacks!

10. Storex Classroom Caddies keep all my stations, tables and teacher supplies organized and accessible. I tried removing them for individual supplies one year…I’ll never do that again!

11 and 12. Pocket chart calendar and Birthday Graph are used every single day in my classroom! These have lasted me years (even with 4 and 5 year olds!).

13 and 14. Dry erase sentence strips and Post-It sentence strips are a daily necessity in my classroom. The dry erase strips are perfect for student practice, stations, and minilessons. The Post-It strips let me add, make changes, and change anchor charts and other materials as we learn!

15. Dry erase pockets turn anything into a reusable practice activity! Pop a paper in and you’re good to go. I use these for recording sheets in stations, printed game boards, name writing practice and so much more.

16. Screen cleaning wipes are so helpful for cleaning glasses, chromebooks, and so much more! I keep a stock of these in my classroom now.

17. Magnetic tape is super useful! I can stick things to the whiteboards without cleanup or damage. It’s also amazing for small pieces of printed games, in stations, and even pocket chart activities!

18. Sharpie Flip Chart Markers are my go-to marker! I’ve had the same pack for about 3 years, and I use them daily for anchor charts, sentence strips, and pretty much everything.

19. Guided reading highlight strips help my little readers keep track of where they are and eliminate the distraction of too many words on a page. These are so fantastic for my kiddos who are just beginning to read longer books!

20. Spinner wheels are so much fun! My kiddos remind me regularly if we haven’t played a game using the spinner…they love it! I’ve created number recognition games, letter and sight word games, and even just random prizes or scavenger hunts. This one is dry erase, so it’s easy to swap out the wedges!

21. Sadotech Wireless Doorbell is the chime I use to end stations, transition from one activity to the next, and just grab attention. I put the button on my lanyard so I can make it chime from anywhere in the room!

22. Playdoh is a must in every classroom and I don’t even care what grade you teach. There, I said it! Who doesn’t love to smush some playdoh? You can use it in a multitude of ways in any grade level while also providing some sensory outlets. Just do it!

What to do with your Amazon teacher wishlist now

Now that you’ve got your wishlist fully stocked, send it out to the world! We all know that as teachers we need help. We can’t keep buying and doing all the things by ourselves. So post the link to your wishlist on Facebook, text it to family and friends, and send it out to your students’ families. Let’s get some great supplies and do amazing things!

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