I’ve been helping children learn, grow and thrive as an educator for over 15 years. I’ve worked in private daycares, as a family nanny, and over 12 years in public Title I schools. This blog began as a passion project in 2017; an accompaniment to my TPT store and a way for teachers to see real-life examples and photos that were not created special for social media. Realistic, actually doable education: that was my focus.

And I was highly effective and passionate about my career, until I wasn’t. The pandemic, the state of education, the bills and student loans and mental exhaustion all forced me to recognize that I couldn’t continue in this same capacity, as much as it broke my heart. When it came time to decide between my mental health and family’s wellbeing and my job, I shifted my focus to find what works for me and my family.

Now, I coach and train educators in best teaching practices as well as guide them on their personal journeys – whether those journeys stay within the classroom’s four walls or take them somewhere else.

I support, train, create resources, and share experiences that teachers everywhere can relate to and gain insight from. I still work in education but with a different focus.

Where you can find me:

You can find me here on this website, my favorite place! You can also catch me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.