Amazon Prime Day for Teachers: 2021’s Amazing Deals and Steals

Amazon Prime Day is upon us! This post contains all the amazing deals in 2021’s Amazon Prime Day for teachers. These deals are how I stock up for my classroom each summer. I’m so excited to share the teacher deals I’ve found this year with you! Below you’re going to find tons of savings on classroom essentials, teacher must-haves, and fun classroom tools.

As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small commission at not cost to you when you make a purchase through one of my links. I only recommend items that I use and love myself.

Let’s jump right into these deals! Snag them while they last; these deals will sell out quickly. As of June 21, 2021 at 8:00pm Eastern all of these deals in Amazon Prime Day for teachers are still available for you to buy!

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Amazon Prime Day for Teachers: Dry Erase Supplies

First up: Expo! Who doesn’t need and use a ton of Expo dry erase markers every school year? Grab this huge 36-count chisel tip pack of Expo dry erase markers for only $17 – that’s 30% off the regular price.

To go along with your shiny new dry erase markers, how about some dry erase boards? This 6-pack of double-sided dry erase lap boards includes 18 markers and 6 erasers for an awesome price! They’re unlined on one side and primary lined on the other, which my kindergarten teacher heart loves.

Another awesome deal I found in Prime Day for teachers is a 12-pack Double-Sided Magnetic Dry Erase boards for $23.99! They’re also primary-lined on one side and blank on the other, and they include 12 erasers and 12 markers. These are perfect for magnetic letters and numbers and other fun manipulatives!

Or if you’re looking for a dry erase solution that comes in a class set, check out this pack of 30 Oversized Dry Erase sleeves! For only $22 these are perfect for sliding student papers into and turning it into a dry erase activity in 5 seconds flat. I also sent these home with my kiddos during distance learning, and they put a blank sheet of paper in there when they didn’t have a whitboard. Perfect!

Deals on Writing and Art Supplies

Since we’re on the topic of writing, I dare you to find me a teacher who doesn’t live Ticonderoga pencils. These are the ultimate must-have for every teacher I know, because they’re just that good. Well, here’s a steal, teacher friend: 96-count Ticonderoga pencils for $7!

Next up, no classroom is complete without crayons! And we all know that *cough*Crayola is the best*cough*…so I’m so excited about this deal in Amazon Prime Day for teachers: grab this 6-pack of 24-count boxes Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone crayons for only $9! These are a must-have in my classroom for so many reasons, and they’re now on their way to my home in an Amazon box!

I’ve also begun using highlighters a lot in my classroom for a ton of different lessons (sight words, letter identification, mystery puzzle games, you name it!). I think I whooped out loud when I saw this deal: 96-count Class Pack Chisel Tip highlighters for $19.99! This pack will last me for a couple years, and I am so excited.

Other Amazing Teacher Deals

Playdoh is a staple in my kindergarten classroom. I can use it a thousand different ways to teach skills while improving students’ fine motor skills! That’s why this deal is unbelievable: Play-Doh 3 ounce cans, pack of 24 for only $13.99! I’m not embarrassed to say I bought 4 of these; it was like getting more than one pack free compared to regular price!

To go with your shiny new magnetic whiteboards (above), you need some magnetic letters! I personally have this Joynote 234-piece Classroom Magnetic Letters Kit and I can say I absolutely love them. They are foam, but it’s hard, durable foam – not the squishy, crumbly kind I pictured when I originally bought this set! I’ve had this set for three years and they still look brand new. During Prime Day for teachers they’re only $16.79 – which is a quarter of the cost of nearly all other sets.

This deal is the ultimate in teacher savings: over 60% off this 2-pack of 30-sheet Post-It Super Sticky Easel Pads! Chart paper is an essential in my classroom and this deal comes to $29 after the Prime Day savings and a 20% coupon available on top of the deal. Yes!

I’ll be adding more deals as I find them, so check back often for updates during the deals on Amazon Prime for teachers. Happy shopping!

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