Start a business

Ready to leave the classroom but not looking for a new boss? Start a business and never rely on others for money, time or resources again. Dive into creating a side hustle or building your own brand and work for only yourself. The opportunities have never been as fantastic as they are right now.

This category contains posts related to side hustles, money-making opportunities, and building your own business for freedom, wealth, and happiness. No matter where you are in your journey (still in the classroom, recently left teaching, or trying to decide what’s best for you) you’ll find the information you need to guide your decision and do what’s right for you.

You’ll find not only information from my own journey but also resources and advice from top experts in entrepreneurship, business creation and scaling to six figures and beyond. If you’re ready to start a business as a side hustle or go full-time, this is the place for you. Welcome.