Make it once, sell it forever

Create and Sell on TPT:

earn income while helping teachers worldwide

Does any of this sound familiar?

You hop on TPT and buy something you need, the whole time thinking “I could make this and sell it too.” Maybe you even spend hundreds (or thousands – we’ve all been there) on TPT each year buying much-needed resources for your classroom. You know you could make these too, but learning how to sell on TPT seems time-consuming and difficult.


You’ve already created hundreds of lessons, materials and resources for your classroom because your curriculum (or lack of ) just doesn’t have what your students need. You know that other teachers need these things too. You know you could totally sell these and make $$$ on TPT. However, the logistics of how to sell on TPT seem overwhelming.

There are already a million people selling on TPT.

You’ve thought about selling on TPT but it seems like you’ve missed your chance to get in there. Deep down you know, though, that there’s room for you. There are 100 types of bread in the bread aisle, and somehow they all get purchased…

You’re a teacher, not a salesperson

You have no idea how to sell things, and those people on Facebook constantly selling their MLM stuff drive you crazy. You don’t want to be one of those…

You’re already strapped for time

You already work 50+ hours per week just keeping your classroom running. You don’t know if you have time to add anything else to your plate, but the draw of making money while you sleep is calling to you…

What if you could…

…make a resource one time and make money off of it forever, without doing anything else with it?

…sell the things you already make for your students? You’re already putting time, energy and creativity into building products for your students to use…so why not share them with the world?

…have money coming in while you sleep, while you’re teaching during the week, while you’re on Spring Break?


Successful Selling on TPT

The only course you’ll ever need for growing a successful business on TPT

Here’s what you get:

  • Step-by-step guides for every single thing you’ll need to do – from setting up a seller’s account all the way to creating and listing your first products
  • Video tutorials, template downloads, workbooks and online modules to answer every question and show you every step to get selling and start making money
  • Done-for-you templates so you’ll be making more products, faster
  • All of the behind-the-scenes info that you can’t get anywhere else, like legal information, business and logo creation, and more

This course is for you if:

  • You’re done thinking and ready to start working to build a new income stream for your family
  • You want to start making money 24/7 without working 24/7
  • You want to make a difference in teachers’ lives while also fueling your creative spark and making beautiful products
  • You’re willing to put in the up-front work to reap the profits later

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You want a get-rich-quick solution; this doesn’t happen overnight without a lot of work up front
  • You would rather keep buying instead of selling on Teacher Pay Teachers
  • You would rather not make money 24/7 from a resource you created a long time ago
  • You would rather work for someone else for a regular paycheck instead of starting your own business

Meet Nicole

I’m an educator of over 13 years and a TPT seller for over 10 years. I’ve been selling on TPT since 2013, and I’ve made thousands of dollars (and my store isn’t even huge!).

I started to sell on TPT because I was making products anyway, so I figured I might as well make money from them. I quickly found that creating these products and seeing reviews about how much teachers love them sparked my creativity and drive to create even more and make a bigger impact.

I’m not one of those million-dollar TPT seller stories. I’m a teacher just like you, who happens to enjoy having a couple thousand extra dollars each year.

However, if YOUR goal is to be a million-dollar seller, you totally can be. Let me show you how!


There are a few reasons why I sell on TPT over any other platform:

  • I don’t need to do any additional work. After my product is created and listed for sale, I just let people buy it! I can make income on a product all year, every year, and I only had to make it one time. This is called passive income.
  • It does double duty. I use the things that I make inside my own classroom too; so if I’m making it anyway, why not sell it?! Other people can use it, too!
  • I don’t have to worry about marketing, having a huge Insta following, or any of that craziness. TPT does all the marketing for me, and people find my products through TPT search.

Me neither, friend! I am not a salesperson by nature and selling on TPT is effortless because I simply post my products and let TPT do the rest. It’s the best!

YES! You’re a teacher, and you can do literally ANYTHING. Have a little of that growth mindset we teach our students, and jump in today!

When you go to the grocery store, how many types of cereal are in the aisle? About eleventy-million, right? And yet they’re all there, sharing space, being sold to different people. Teachers Pay Teachers is just like that. Your products won’t be for everyone, but there’s room in the aisle for all of them. Someone will love it and it’ll be just what they need.

When it comes to starting your own business (which is what selling on TPT is!), you’re going to have to put in a lot of work. If that’s not for you, this course probably isn’t for you. BUT – keep in mind that learning how to sell on TPT is the most time-consuming part, and once you know how, product creation is faster and easier. If you can put the time in now, you can make money forever!

Start learning how to sell on TPT

The “right time” will never come, so NOW is the time to dive right in and start selling on TPT. You can do this! Your future self will be thanking you for the thousands of dollars that can pay for college, that cruise you’ve always wanted to go on, or just be comfortable making ends meet.

Sign up today and start selling now!