Amazon Prime Day for Teachers: Terrific Deals and Fantastic Finds in 2023

We’re only a few short days away from Amazon Prime Day for teachers 2023, and there are already a huge number of amazing deals for teachers and classrooms! This post will be updated daily until Prime Day with the latest must-haves for your #clearthelist classroom wishlist!

I’m not going to ramble on forever, let’s cut straight to the deals. All sales are current at the time of this posting, but aren’t guaranteed to last! Click on the image of any item to take you right to it on Amazon! You can also click here to see past Amazon teacher deals.

I am an Amazon Associate, so I may earn a commission of of any sales at no cost to you. It helps me run this blog and bring amazing content to you.

Classroom and Office Supplies

  1. First up, 66% off a 100-pack of Fellowed thermal laminating pouches! I can’t live without these to make my materials durable and long-lasting. These are even more durable and jam a lot less that Scotch laminating pouches.

2. If you also need a new laminator this year, this Scotch Pro laminator is currently 40% off!

3. Dry erase markers disappear so often. But for 70% off a 36-count pack of fine-tip Expo markers, you’ll have plenty this year! There’s also a 36 pack of black Expo chisel-tip markers for 31% off – what a steal!

4. Post-It Notes are essential! I use them not only for my own teacher purposes but also for my students to add to anchor charts, do quick writes, partner work, and more. Snag a huge 24-block pack for 35% off or an 8-block pack for 42% off!

5. Flair Pen lovers, this is for you! You can get a 24-pack Assorted Flair Colors for 24% off or a 36-pack in Candy Pop colors for 28% off!

6. Sharpie Highlighters have an unbelievable Prime Day deal too! You can get a 36-pack of Sharpie Chisel-tip Highlighters for 66% off!

7. Because we’re on the topic of Sharpies, let’s continue with their other phenomenal deals! Grab this 24-pack of Sharpie Electro Pop fine-tip markers for 71% off (what?!)!

Prime Deals on Student Materials

First up, Playdoh! It can be used for so many fun classroom activities, and I can’t go a single year without it. Right now, the best deal is 31% off a 24-jar class pack, but I expect this deal to get sweeter as we get closer to Prime Day.

2. Ticonderoga pencils are the pencil for a classroom because they last and they work (and erase) so well. Right now, there is an amazing deal, so run and grab them for 76% off a 96-pack of Ticonderogas! For primary teachers, you can also get a great deal on the Ticonderoga Tri-Write pencils with 22% off a 36-ct pack of Ticonderoga Tri-Write Beginners Pencils!

3. Sharpen all those fantastic Ticonderogas with my favorite sharpener for teachers: you can get 61% off the X-Acto School Pro Sharpener right now!

4. Dry erase pockets are SO useful in stations, for use in place of dry erase boards, and to extend the life of paper materials. I couldn’t live without them! Right now this 30-pack of oversized dry erase pockets is 20% off with an extra 7% off coupon available at checkout!

5. Chart paper is another must-have, and there are amazing discounts right now. Add the School Smart 24×16 chart tablet for 44% off or the School Smart 24×32 Chart Tablet for 37% off.

6. These Sharpie Flip Chart Markers for 49% off are unbeatable at long-lasting durability! I’ve had the same set for three years, and I made anchor charts daily!

And to end this list, since we’re on the topic of Sharpies, there are a ton of deals for Sharpies of all shapes and sizes! 60% off a 24-pack of Sharpie S-Note markers, 71% off a 24-pack of ElectroPop permanent Sharpie markers, 57% off an assorted-size set of black Sharpie permanent markers, and 52% off a 12-pack of Sharpie S-Gel pens are some of the best deals I’ve found.

What Prime Day deals would you love for me to find? Comment below, or comment on the sale post on my Facebook or Instagram! I love searching for deals.

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