Decodable Text: 56 CVC + CVCe Word Family Passages with Differentiated Word Work


Meet your students at their level with these CVC short vowel and CVCe long vowel decodable passages! Build fluency, comprehension, spelling patterns and word recognition with these comprehensive, science of reading-aligned passages.


Make word families and decodable text fun with this Decodable Passages CVC and CVCe BUNDLE! This amazing bundle of 56 decodable readers is perfect for daily use in the classroom when teaching vowel patterns, long and short vowel sounds, word families, and spelling rules! These decodable texts can be used to supplement any curriculum or even in place of a curriculum.
Each passage has two versions of the word work activity, so you can differentiate the task based on student needs and your desired outcome.
This product is aligned to the Science of Reading, the research that shows that decodable passages help students master the specific phonics targets they are learning more effectively and efficiently.
You and your students will LOVE using this decodable CVC and CVCe fluency set!
You will receive 28 different CVC word families:
Short A: ab, ad, ag, am, an, and, ap, at, ay
Short E: ed, et, en
Short I: id, ig, ill, im, in, ip, it
Short O: ob, og, op, ot
Short U: ub, ug, um, un, ut
as well as 28 CVCe word families:
Long A: ace, age, ake, ale, ame, ane, ape, are
Long I: ice, ide, ike, ile, ime, ine, ire, ite, ive
Long O: oke, ole, ome, one, ope, ore, ose, ote, ove
Long U: mixed u__e passage
Plus, all of these decodable passages come with two versions (one for comprehension and one for fluency/spelling patterns) and a Read, Circle, and Draw activity!
Everything you need to teach, practice, and build fluency for both short vowels and long vowels for the ENTIRE YEAR is included in this BUNDLE! 
Each Short Vowel CVC and CVCe Word Family includes:
  • A decodable passage with comprehension questions
  • A decodable passage with fluency/spelling pattern identification
Students will increase reading fluency with the long or short vowel sound by working through these awesome decodable passages that are created using research from the Science of Reading.
Products included in this CVC and CVCe Decodable Passages bundle:
❤️ Your students will LOVE learning and decoding new CVC and CVCe word family words each week. They’ll have a plethora of new words to blend, decode and use in their writing!
All of these Decodable Passages and activities are PRINT & GO! Students will quickly understand the routines involved in each activity and be completing them independently in no time!
These Decodable CVC Short Vowel and CVCe Long Vowel Passages can be used in a variety of ways! Try out these resources as…
✅ Literacy centers
✅ Independent work
✅ Small group instruction 
What are teachers saying about this resource for learning CVC and CVCe vowel patterns? 
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I have some new non English speaking students and these are working great for these kids and for my struggling students. Great resource!” -Lu K.
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