How to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers


How to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers is a digital, self-paced course that guides you through the basics of opening a TPT store and beginning to create products. With free templates, video guides, and text information, this course has everything you need to start selling on TPT today!


Turn your classroom resources into cold, hard cash

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You have purchased products on TPT for years, and every time you click “Add to Cart” you cringe because you know you could make and sell something like that product, but better! You’ve created tons of resources for your classroom, and you know that other teachers would love to have them too.

problem #1

You’re already strapped for time because teaching is like having three full-time jobs. You’re worried that you just won’t be able to manage to fit it in to your already-hectic life.

problem #2

There are a ton of sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers, so you think you can’t possibly create anything new or interesting and get people to buy it.

problem #3

You have tons of resources you’ve already created and you know you can sell on TPT, but yours don’t look as “fancy” or “professional” as the ones you see on TPT.

What if you could…

…have a one-stop resource for all of these problems and more? A single course that works through all of your concerns in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement way? Welcome to How to Sell on TPT! This is that one resource! With access to the course that lasts forever, you can work at your own pace to fill in the gaps and learn what you need to know to succeed at selling on Teachers Pay Teachers.

How to Sell on TPT

Everything you need to know to start selling, broken down into manageable chunks of learning. Work at your own pace and build the store of your dreams!

Here is what you get:

  • Easy-to-follow video and text lessons that guide you through every step, from opening your store to posting your first products for sale
  • Free templates for covers, thumbnails and previews to save you time and frustration when creating products
  • Free email support – if you have a question, I’ll answer it!
  • Forever access: work on building your store as quickly or slowly as you want with this self-paced course that you’ll have access to forever

This course is for you if:

  • You’re ready to take action and build your own TPT store to add new income to your household
  • You’re excited about using your creativity to make things other teachers and students will love
  • Selling on TPT sounds exciting and doable, and you want to work flexibly on your own schedule
  • You know that your knowledge is valuable and your expertise will help other teachers get amazing resources

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re completely happy with your teacher salary, and you aren’t looking for additional income
  • You aren’t interested in having an impact on students and teachers around the world by sharing your resources and expertise
  • You think you “lack creativity” and creating products would be more stressful than fun for you
the real life teacher

Meet Nicole

Hey there! I’m Nicole, and I’ve been a teacher for over 13 years. I’ve also been selling on Teachers Pay Teachers for 11 years! I know that learning how to sell on TPT seems difficult or even impossible, but I’m here to show you that your journey to selling on Teachers Pay Teachers can be rewarding and fun! Selling on TPT looks different for everyone based on your time, effort, consistency and goals. Let this course guide you as you shape your own journey. It’s a place where you can find all the answers to the questions you’ll have along the way – so enroll now and use what you need, when you need it! ❤️ Nicole
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That’s totally up to you! You work through the topics you need at your own pace, and you can come back and revisit the information at any time because you have access forever!
That depends on MANY factors including how much time, effort, and consistency you put into your store. There are sellers that make hundreds per month starting in their very first month, and there are sellers that make enough to pay for their morning Starbucks and they’re totally happy. It’s up to YOU!
Aren’t there enough brands of bread in the bread aisle and salad dressings in the condiments aisle? Yet new companies, flavors, and products continue to pop up and succeed because everyone is looking for something different. Your products won’t be for everyone, but the people who want them, love them and buy them will come!
You can have it open as soon as today with this course! I walk you through every little detail of getting that new store open for business. I also give you free templates to get your resources in store-ready shape so you can sell on Teachers Pay Teachers right away!
If you’re not happy with your sales revenue, there are so many different things we can do to change that! I offer one-on-one consulting to help you grow and succeed, so that’s always an option – along with the final module in this course called Let’s Get Growing that gives you ideas for focusing on store growth!

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