Tailwind app black friday deal 2022

Why you need this Tailwind App Black Friday deal now

The Tailwind app Black Friday deal is unbeatable, and it’s a must-have if you want to grow your audience exponentially! This post will explain the deal itself, as well as how Tailwind can help you have explosive growth this coming year.

Tailwind app Black Friday Deal

This year, Tailwind app is repeating its deal from last year. That’s fantastic news for anyone who has been doubtful of purchasing! Right now you can get Tailwind app for half off for the entire year. There are multiple plans available as well. Let’s go over those and you can decide which one fits your business needs.

Author’s note: I am a Tailwind app affiliate because I 100% believe in the value, benefits, and business growth this product provides for me. I am a subscriber to Tailwind app, and I have been for a LONG time! As such, I may receive a commission at no cost to you for sharing this awesome product. I would never share anything that I do not use and love myself.

Below are the three plans available through Tailwind app. As you can see, there are so many features that come at every level! From now until November 30, you’ll get 50% off the price of every plan! That’s about the price of a single Starbucks each month for an application that does so much for your business.

Every plan has a TON of features to support your business growth, social media presence and data analysis!

What exactly does Tailwind app do?

In one word: everything! This app is essential to everything I do with my blog, social media accounts, marketing, email lists, and so much more! Here’s a short list of the powerful tools you’ll get with Tailwind app:

  • Pinterest pin creator and scheduler
  • Instagram and Facebook post creator and scheduler
  • Easy-to-read calendar showing all of your content and its posting dates
  • Smart scheduling that recommends posting times based on when your followers are most active
  • Customized marketing plan based on your own goals
  • Weekly goals for your marketing plan to keep you on track
  • Tailwind Communities to collaborate with others in your niche
  • Smart-bio link, personalized for your business
  • Data insights for your pins, Smart Bio, Pinterest boards and more

Tailwind app allows you to create and publish content across all your platforms from one place. This saves time, effort, and tracing on your part; you can see all of your content (past, present and future!) on a well-designed calendar and never need to log in to individual platforms for posting again.

How Tailwind app helped my business

When I first began blogging, I struggled big time. I was overwhelmed with social media platforms and everything involved with each one – the creation, posting, interaction, design, et cetera. With all of this piled on top of content creation for my actual website, I honestly gave up for a while because it was just too much.

I discovered Tailwind app accidentally when I was Googling “organizing social media for business” in an attempt to get a grip on all the tasks I had as a teacherpreneur. Beginning with the free month of Tailwind app, I got to dip my toes in the water before diving in to yet another subscription.

I used that free month to its fullest potential – pinning, posting, connecting all my social media to Tailwind app – and I never once looked back. This app did everything it promised, and more! I am now able to have a centralized spot to manage all of my Pinterest pins and boards, Instagram and Facebook posts and schedules, and plan ahead with ease using the highly-organized calendar!

Since joining Tailwind app, they’ve added so many more features to their plans without raising prices. That’s an admirable feat!

I have now created a customized marketing plan through Tailwind app that lays out what I should do to reach my goals step by step. They’ve also added the Smart Bio feature, which is essential for anyone marketing on social media. I’m totally going nuts for their prompts that help me to grow my email list, which is something I’ve always struggled with! (Side note: If you don’t have an email list yet, read this post about how you can start one for free today!)

There is also the ability to connect multiple Pinterest and Instagram accounts based on your plan level – so you can grow your business, and Tailwind app will grow with you!

Still need help deciding?

Click here to go to Tailwind, and try a month free on me. Use that whole month to explore, learn, and use EVERY feature! You’ll see how powerful and effective it is for growing, creating and marketing your business. Then come back and comment below to let me know how you’re doing on Tailwind app!

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