Science of Reading

The Science of Reading is a social media buzzword for a lot of internet personalities. However, it’s so much more than that. The Science of Reading combines research, scientific studies, and decades of student data. This body of research shows us the most effective methods for teaching reading and comprehension to our students.

Using the huge body of research from the past few decades, these blog posts walk you through different aspects of the Science of Reading. They also help you to understand the “why” behind the shifts that are happening. You’ll also find excellent resources to use with your students like effective teaching strategies, assessment and interventions and more.

Are you following your curriculum, but your students still aren’t reading? Maybe you’re like me: you obtained your Masters in Reading and Literacy, but still didn’t learn the essential information so nothing changed for your students. Maybe you’re frustrated and you think it’s you. The truth is that it isn’t you or your teaching. You just haven’t been given the actual research that educators need to know. Colleges and universities haven’t caught up with the Science of Reading. They’re still teaching outdated and ineffective practices.

These posts are dedicated to showing you the research and how to apply it in practice. You can improve your teaching and get your students reading today. Welcome to The Real Life Teacher community.