Kindergarten Distance Learning Lesson Plans

Kindergarten distance learning has been taking place for a whole month! It’s April 13, and we’ve been out of school since March 13 in my district. It has been challenging, interesting, and a lot of work as well. Kindergarten students are hard students to teach online because they can’t do a lot of work independently, especially on a computer or tablet.

I am also learning Google because my district banned the use of Zoom, so like everything else it’s been a learning curve. My daily Zoom sessions with my kiddos were so great! I even created a tutorial about how to use Zoom for distance learning.

With all of these factors in mind, I created a four-week lesson plan pack so my students can keep learning and growing at home! There are daily ideas for literacy, math, phonics, sight words and writing that need little to no material. Kindergarten distance learning can be successful!

Distance learning lesson plans for kindergarten online teaching
Click here to download!

You can easily print or email an entire month’s worth of lessons for your kindergarten kiddos! You can also use these as a guide to create your kindergarten online sessions. I use these plans by emailing them to parents. I ask for photos of their students completing the work each day. Then I post the photos with positive motivation on our Dojo Class Story for their classmates to see. It’s been so much fun!

The Next Thing

My next big task is taking on Google Classroom and making it kindergarten-friendly. Stay tuned for more information on how to do this! I’ll post updates and materials as I get going. The key is going to be making it as interactive as possible while being readable for a kindergarten level. I can’t wait to share what I come up with!

Stay positive, teachers! We are doing the best we can with what we have. Your works counts, and your students love you. We are all in new territory. Please reach out for help if you need it!

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  1. I have a kindergartener at home and this would be great for him. We have also been using Lalilo as an online resource which he has been able to do independently.

    1. I used to teach and boy am I’m glad I don’t have to plan for online learning. Long term sub plans for maternity leave was horrible enough. Good luck, and keep up the great work!

  2. Great resource! You are all doing an amazing job at continuing the education process during this crazy time. I applaud you all! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can’t imagine being a teacher right now or a homeschool parent. Learning new software and recreating daily life has got to be tough.

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