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I have conflicted feelings about the 100th day of school this year. The first semester took FOREVER and flew by quickly all at the same time. I can’t believe (but I’m so glad) it’s finally here! Since my district starts early in August, our 100th day of school is on January 17. This is my favorite day of the school year! Since I love it so much, I’m sharing all of my printables for the 100th day!

I started to prepare two weeks ahead of time for the 100th day. This is when my parent letter goes home explaining the celebration. The letter also includes at-home project ideas for students to bring to school on the 100th day. I love seeing these so much! I include several different ideas so that every family can participate in some way. Click the link below download the parent letter for free! It’s a fully editable document for you to change as you need.

I love seeing all the creative ways my students celebrate the 100th day. This year, I was so sad that nobody except me dressed up as a 100 year old! We did get a lot of collections of 100 things that we displayed on the wall outside our classroom door. We had collections of rubber bands, pennies, metal nuts and washers, marbles, legos and more. It was a great display!

My second favorite thing about the 100th day is the competition: we compete to see who can do the most things in 100 seconds, and they’re all kindergarten-related skills. We see who can write the most numbers, write their name the most times, and more. For each activity, I set a visual timer on the SMARTboard for 100 seconds and it’s so fun! I have a TPT freebie recording book for this activity, and you can click here or on the image below to grab it!

100th day of school activity pack

Happy 100th Day! And just for fun, here’s an update with Grannies Peterson and Hess!

100th day of school

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