13 Awesome Activities for the 100th Day of School

Winter break is over, but the party is just beginning! The 100th Day of School is such a fun way to celebrate our students’ growth and learning while also beating the winter blues. This list of 13 awesome 100th Day of School ideas is sure to have just what you need.

How should we celebrate the 100th day of school?

The answer to this question varies, but I personally make it a whole-day celebration!

It’s not a day-long party with my students going nuts and getting hyped up on sugar. We do educational activities that involve:

  • summarizing what we’ve learned so far this year
  • having competitions to show off our knowledge
  • reading stories about the 100th day of school
  • making fun snacks and crafts

The best part is that these activities work across content areas because they are easily customizable. Read on to get the full list of books, games and activities!

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100th day of school books

Whether you read aloud or have your students read independently, there are a ton of books written just to celebrate the 100th day of school!

I have many of these books, and I use them in all of these ways:

  • add them to classroom library so students can read them during library center
  • read loud to my class
  • read with a buddy
  • in small groups instruction

Here are the best books for the 100th day of school:

1. The Night Before the 100th Day of School

This book is a part of the super fun “The Night Before…” series, and I read it aloud on the 99th day. It gets us hyped up to celebrate tomorrow!

The Night Before the 100th Day of School book

2. 100th Day Worries

I love this book! I read this a week before the 100th day, when I send home a project letter with my students. They get to design a T-shirt or bring in a collection of 100 objects to share with the class on the 100th day of school.

100th Day Worries book

3. Biscuit’s 100th Day of School

Who doesn’t love the adorable adventures of Biscuit the puppy?! This book is a favorite of my students and they choose it the most in the library center.

Biscuit's 100th Day of School book

4. Rocket’s 100th Day of School

Rocket is another iconic character that my students love! Follow Rocket in this book all about the 100th day.

Rocket's 100th Day of School book

5. Tiny and the 100th Day of School

Tiny is another fun character, similar to Clifford. See what happens when Tiny decides to go to school on the 100th day in this cute book.

Tiny and the 100th Day of School book

100th Day of School Ideas

We’ve covered the books, so let’s dig into the activities, games and other fun stuff! The first thing I pick up is this really cute set of 100th day crowns, glasses and awards. I let my kiddos choose which what they want to wear (one, two or all three!). It adds a little flair! It’s a great deal and comes with 36 of each.

My absolute favorite activity is this packet: Things I Can Do in 100 Seconds! For this, you’ll need to copy the packet for each kiddo. You’ll also need a timer.

100th day of school ideas: things I can do in 100 seconds activity book

On each page, it gives the students a task: write your name, write sight words, write numbers, et cetera. For each page, time the students for 100 seconds and see how many they can do!

For example, how many times can they write their name in 100 seconds? Add them up and write how many at the top of the page, and see who is the winner!

Click here to download this packet for free!

Another great activity is the 100th Day of School project that I mentioned earlier. This is an optional thing, so my students can also decide not to do anything and that’s okay. For those that choose to, I give my students a few choices of things they can do:

  • dress up like a 100 year old person
  • bring in a collection of 100 things (must fit in a quart Ziploc bag!)
  • decorate a T-shirt for the 100th day
  • make a necklace with 100 items (like beads)
  • draw a picture of yourself 100 years old

I’ve seen some super creative and adorable takes on all of these options! I definitely recommend giving this optional project to your kiddos to see where their creativity takes them.

If you’d like to do it, grab my free Letter to Parents for the 100th Day of School here on TPT!

100th Day of School Ideas for Classwork

I make the 100th day of school a day-long celebration of our learning, so we incorporate this into every content area. One thing I do in every subject (reading, math, etc) is Poster Summaries.

These aren’t anything fancy or formal. I let my students get into groups of up to 4, and each group gets a 12×18 sheet of construction paper. On the paper, they have to show, draw, or write all the things they’ve learned how to do this year.

I hang the posters around the room after each group shares out so we can see all we’ve learned!

Need more inspo?

I’ve got another blog post here that gives more freebies and 100th day of school ideas.

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