Student Gifts for Parents: 5 Quick and Easy Ideas

This past week at school has left everyone exhausted, and we STILL haven’t finished our gifts to families! If you’re in the same boat, I’m throwing you a life preserver with this list of quick and easy student gifts for parents (or guardians)!

Having my students create gifts to take home is maybe my favorite thing each year. No matter their grade level, they always feel so proud and excited to have something special to give to their family. They work so hard and put so much thought into their creations! I even have my students wrap their gift themselves, and they are beaming by the time they’ve finished.

Creating student gifts for parents also helps to build connections between home and school. It shows that educators are thinking about students’ families. Some parents and guardians need that reminder that we are a team in children’s education.

The List of Student Gifts for Parents

You’re on a time crunch, so let’s get on with it! Below is the list of nine different ideas that you can make in a single day at school. I’ve curated the quickest, easiest, and most memorable gifts using supplies you already have (or can borrow from your teacher bestie!) or with minimal, easy-to-get supplies.

Christmas Picture Frame Ornaments: Snap a picture of every cute little face, print, and let each kiddo design their own ornament before you put the picture inside! Foam ornament kits are super cute and easy to personalize. Snag them here on Amazon for quick delivery!

Hot Chocolate Kits with Recipe: I saw this cute DIY from Rachel Ray, and thought about how fun this would be to make in class! Students can measure each ingredient to make their jars, and they can hand write the recipe. My kindergarteners LOVED this. It also creates a special family moment when students can have hot chocolate with their families at home.

Photo from Rachel Ray’s Hot Chocolate Mix recipe

Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments: Create an unforgettable keepsake gift for parents with this 3-ingredient salt dough. Each student can shape it into a ball and push their hand flat to make a handprint, and paint when the dough dries. Adorable!

Image from recipe at Unsophisticook

Tree Slice Painted Wooden Ornaments: This kit from Amazon comes with enough tree slices and ties to make 30 ornaments. Each kiddo can paint a picture or name (or even a handprint) to create a family holiday keepsake that they can hang on their tree every year!

Handprint Art

There’s nothing more nostalgic or simple to create than a child’s handprint! There are hundreds of things you can do with some paint and handprints – the options are endless! These adorable winter choices from Homeschool Preschool are also perfect for non-Christmas winter break gifts!

Photo from the Homeschool Preschool

Winter Break Ahead!

No matter what student gift for parents you choose to make, I know that as a parent who’s also a teacher I appreciate the time, thought and effort put into it! I love getting little art pieces that remind me how small my daughter is. It’s a reminder to savor the moment and enjoy the time we have together.

With that in mind, you are AMAZING and you are changing the lives of students and their families! Don’t stress out over a craft. Make it, enjoy it, and savor the moments you have with these little people too! You are an important part of their lives, and they are only this young once.

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